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Exclusive Tour Service for Large Groups at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
Van Accommodate 12-14 Passengers

Hyatt Regency - Orlando Airport: $90.00 one-way transfer
Orlando Airport - Hyatt Regency: $100.00 one-way transfer
Hyatt Regency - Dinner Attractions: $155.00 round trip
{between HWY 192 & Sand Lake Rd}
Hyatt Regency - Downtown Disney: $55.00 round trip
Hyatt Regency - Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom: $110.00 round trip
Hyatt Regency - Epcot Center or MGM Studios: $85.00 round trip
Hyatt Regency - Universal Studios: $155.00 round trip
Hyatt Regency - Sea World: $125.00 round trip
Hyatt Regency - Mall of Millenia or Florida Mall: $155.00 round trip
Hyatt Regency - Orlando Premier Outlet: $55.00 round trip
Hyatt Regency - Downtown Orlando: $240.00 round trip

$60.00 per hour with 4hours minimum

All above trips are available one-way at 50% of the listed rate
Above rates doesn't include 20% service charge. Service charge is at the guest discretion.

The tour package includes a Tour Guide/Driver to the following destinations:
Hyatt Regency - Kennedy Space Center
Hyatt Regency - Cocoa Beach
Hyatt Regency - Busch Gardens

The above tour package is $425.00 for 6hours or $525.00 for 8hours.
These rates include all service charges.

{Above rates does not include service charges, sales tax, parking & tolls}

Ground transportation isn't simply about moving people from point A to point B.
"It's all about organization, planning, anticipation and quality service."

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